Fashionably Challenged

I’ve never been much of a journal or diary keeper. Sure I had one of those Lisa Frank Diaries with a cheap plastic lock that I kept between the mattress and the box spring of my twin bed for awhile, but I’m sure I only did it after reading too many “The Babysitter’s Club” books. […]

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The Proof is in the Beer Bread

I love bread. A life without bread breaks my heart a little. In Chicago I worked in a traditional Belgian bakery for about a year. Everything was done by hand. Everything was made fresh and from scratch every single morning. Needless to say I used to get up at 2:30 in the morning when I […]

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Love is in the cookie: Ambrosia Macaroons

I have a reputation. It followed me across the country and arrived smack dab in Austin at least a month before I did. I’m a baker (among other things). It’s practically impossible for me to go anywhere without some little token of sweetness to share: cookies to a housewarming, crostata to game night, Cornbread to […]

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Here goes everything

Many things have changed since I first set out to write this blog. It was going to be for a pie/ bakery enterprise, or at least a general baking/ food blog. I thought I’d write about my misadventures as a nanny in the mommy-blogger style. I thought it could be about the parties I was […]

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Welcome to TwoDozen Blackbirds! I’m very excited that you’ve stopped by to see what I’m cooking up today. It’s been a busy holiday season highlighted with a Moroccan dinner party and our tiki lounge 2.0 New Years Eve. So thanks to the bullying *wink wink* and generous aide of Aleta at Omnomicon here I am! […]